Joy List

In honor of Company Member (and so much more) Philip Cuomo’s motto of “Stop. Find joy.” we are creating an ever-growing list of joyful things. Yes, we want you to participate! Email to add to the list.

What brings you joy?

Seeing new leaves on my plants 
Really big burritos 
Collective sighs
Writing letters with lots of stickers

-Amelia Sommer, Box Office Assistant

These holiday Gnomes give me so much JOY. I can’t help but smile whenever I see one. It must be the pregnancy hormones. I’ve never liked gnomes before in my life. 

-Kelsea Ashenbrenner, Staff and Company Member

Finding a wet food both my cats will eat
Remembering Philip’s smile

-Ellen Fader, Member

Hearing my girls SING OUT songs from Annie! 
Rainbow trees (where the leaves have chosen multiple colors on the same tree!)
Everytime I see a deer, which is luckily often in my neighborhood.
The way my husband’s eyes light up when he smiles at me.
Tight hugs from my children.
My daughters’ laughter. And giggling with my daughters.

-Michelle Kashinsky, Associate Producer

Watching groups of toddlers cross the street from their daycare to the playground, all holding on to that rope that keeps them from wandering off. IS THERE ANYTHING CUTER?

The plunking sound that the sugar cube makes when I drop it into my coffee.

-Joellen Sweeney, Mentorship Company Alum

Smile from a stranger

-Deena Fishbein, Interim Staff Member