Third Rail is an ensemble-based company. As such, we choose our scripts with an eye toward casting ensemble members, and ensemble members are given priority when casting decisions are made. Nevertheless, it is frequently the case that roles are cast from outside the ensemble, and when this happens auditions are typically by invitation. Open casting calls will be posted here. Presently, Third Rail holds general auditions once a year, usually in the late spring. These auditions are widely publicized and announced on local call boards.

Third Rail Repertory Theatre is a member of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance (PATA). We strive to have auditors in attendance at PATA’s annual city-wide Auditions and encourage local actors to attend the PATA generals. Third Rail members also work regularly at other Portland theaters and see lots of local theatre. If you are appearing in a local production and want to make sure we know about it, feel free to drop us a line at