The Doctors Are In


The Doctors are In

This event begins at 6:00pm on Wednesday, February 8th at Third Rail at Imago
Join us for The Doctors are In – our salon series that takes a closer look inside the script and behind the curtain! For our next installment, Resident Dramaturgs Brian Myers and Ellen Walkley host guest panelists – including Hollywood Theatre Executive Director Doug Whyte – for a discussion and Q and A on The Flick. Free for Members, $5 for all others.

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Guess Who’s A Guest?

We love our guest artists, and what we do would not be possible without them! Recently, we asked Guest Artists Diane Kondrat (“Clara” in The New Electric Ballroom), Larry Larsen (Scenic Designer for Mr. Kolpert), and Kelly Cullom (Stage Manager for Mr. Kolpert) to shed light on life, their work and more!

TR: To begin with, let’s talk about what truly matters in life: super powers. What’s a super power you wish you had?

DIANE: I’d like to instantly cleanse water.

TR: Nice! How about a real super-talent that might surprise folks?

KELLY: Knitting. I taught myself through videos online – which doesn’t sound as cool out loud as I hoped. It sounds more like what you’d expect from a knitter stereotype. If someone said that to me I’d imagine they live in a home rampant with cats.

LARRY:I secretly want to be a rock star vocalist. I am a pretty good singer. I am also an amazing dessert chef and I make an incredible Tiramisu.

TR: Fantastic, we may draw on that skill at our next cast party! Speaking of, can you talk a little about the Third Rail shows you’ve been involved with, and why?

LARRY: Mr. Kolpert was a play that I gave to my Scene Design 1 students at University of Portland. They loved the script. I wasn’t sure, but it was the strong connection to the characters Raff and Sarah that convinced me that there was a really strong message for their generation. A generation that has so much stimulation from every front that they understand what it means to want to feel real emotion. It was an eye opening realization for my perception of this script.

KELLY: I am drawn to join the team because of the work Third Rail brings to the stage and the people who put it on. It’s engaging theatre – which is satisfying professionally and creatively – and the people are so swell that it’s a pleasure to be here every day and sometimes at odd hours. Theatre is a labor of love and so you’d better love what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

TR: Is there a favorite quote or event that has happened in rehearsal?

DIANE: Jennifer Lin told us about reading that children who had survived a communal traumatic incident were witnessed telling and retelling the story of the trauma from different perspectives, trying to process the event.

KELLY: I keep a “quote of the day” section in my rehearsal reports for the daily occasion when someone says something deeply connected to the play, or something goofy. What I love is that the other artists who are on the distribution list of the reports (and are often not in the rehearsal room) will respond to the quote. I like to think it helps them feel even more connected to the group.

TR: Lovely, thank you so much for your time!

You can see images of Mr. Kolpert (and Larry Larsen’s beautiful set!) here: Mr. Kolpert

You can see Diane Kondrat as Clara in The New Electric Ballroom April 8-30th.

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A Day in the Life of a Mentee: Weekend Intesives

A few weekends ago the Mentees at Third Rail gathered in the basement of Imago Theatre to begin a weekend-long intensive exploring vocal techniques for actors. Led by certified Fitzmaurice instructor and Company Member Michael O’Connell, the group would spend the next few days loosening, relaxing and letting go of unnecessary tension in order to “free” the voice.

“All recent voice pedagogies aim to free the actor to connect to their impulses, reduce tension, and allow the body and mind to work together rather than in opposition,” explains O’Connell. “What separates Fitzmaurice from the others is the use of the Destructuring sequence to bypass the Central Nervous System and reintegrate the breath to the Autonomic Nervous System.”

Madeline Shier, a Mentee, shared her expectations of the intensive before it began: “Working with Third Rail on other workshops, I’ve come to realize how entwined the body and the voice are, and how my struggles with both stem from the same root causes. I’m excited to approach that from a perspective of voice, and hopefully learn some exercises…to help me with my breathing and alignment.”

At 6pm on a Friday evening, the Mentees gathered in Imago’s basement, amongst yoga mats, cushions and zafus, to start the intensive. Michael warmed up the chilly evening by asking the group to practice some “Fake Tai Chi” with him. Laughter trickled through the group as Michael facetiously described his time in China with a Fake Tai Chi Master. Warmed up and smiling, the Mentees then got down to business.

Over the course of Friday evening and most of Saturday, the Mentees explored Fitzmaurice’s “Destructuring Sequence.” Destructuring involves “a series of poses or movements that may induce a tremor, which, if invited, can interrupt chronic breathing patterns that hold the actor back from exciting vocal possibilities.” In the midst of doing this work, Shier described how she was “pleasantly surprised by how much [she] liked this work! Voice work [had] been frustrating for [her] in the past, but [she was] really enjoying the challenge this weekend.” Before the weekend, the mentees had each prepared a monologue from a Greek play. They explored their text using the Destructuring positions, discovering the ways in which releasing breath could help to find a vibrant truth in their speeches.

By Sunday, the group was ready to present their monologues as works-in-progress, using their favorite Destructuring positions to dive into the text. The Company and Third Rail Members alike were invited to a rare glimpse into an actors’ behind-the-scenes process. By the end, several mentees expressed how much this work had affected them not only as an actor, but in other parts of their lives as well. “The practice of putting our vulnerability to work,” offered Lisa Guerricabeitia, “is one that has endless application both personally and in performance. The technique provided clear and repeatable efforts to deepen self-awareness and marry the impulse of the body to the release of sound. It was a welcome opportunity to get out of my own way.”

Tune in for our next sneak peek into “A Day In The Life Of A Mentee”, when we’ll explore the before, during and after of a Scene Study session with Company Members Rebecca Lingafelter and Michael O’Connell.