Josie Seid Makes Her Third Rail Debut


We are thrilled to announce that Josie Seid will portray OG in Men On Boatsopening March 2nd, 2018 at Imago Theater.

Josie’s past roles include:  Dido in Artist Rep’s An Octoroon as well as Viney in their production of The Miracle Worker.  The Queen/Angela/Hermione in A Maze (Theatre Vertigo);  Lina Darling in Nine the Musical (Lakewood Theater).  She also brought Lola to life in Cottonwood in the Flood as part of the Vanport Mosiac Festival, as well as being a member of the Drammy Award Winning ensemble of the Brother Sister Plays (Portland Playhouse).  Other readings for new works: Alan’s ConfectionaryMy Walk Has Never Been AverageBlind and Left Hook as part of Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival. Film credits include: ER Doctor in I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore.



Q & A with Josie Seid  

TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?


JS: I love collaborating with badass (can I say that on paper?) women!  The audition process for this production was one of the most fun, challenging and empowering processes I have experienced to date.  It was remarkable to feel like you were working together on a piece and not trying to beat someone out for something.  I was humbled and uplifted by the talent, strength and brilliance of these women.  Now I get to lean in even farther and tell this story from this feminist lens and it thrills me to contribute to something that has the power to alter the perceptions of how we view adventure.


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Gwendolyn Duffy Makes Her Third Rail Debut

We are thrilled to announce that Gwendolyn Duffy will portray Bradley in Men On Boatsopening March 2nd, 2018.

Gwendolyn was raised here in Portland. She studied dance and theatre from a young age and began her professional performance career in 2005 as a member of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of Portland Actors Conservatory, where she performed as The Stepdaughter in Six Characters in Search of an Author and Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet. Other Portland theatre credits include portraying the title character in Imago Theatre’s The Lady AoiEnsemble in Imago’s Savage Love, Movement Artist in Portland Opera’s The Little Match Girl Passion, and Rachel in CoHo Production’s The How and The Why (opposite TR company member Karen Trumbo).



Q & A with Gwendolyn Duffy  

TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?
GD: What excites me the most is the opportunity that this production gives female theatre artists! To explore and dive into a world that would usually be off limits to us. To be a part of such a large ensemble cast of women, as we dig in and discover the humanity of these different characters. And then to share the story of these characters, who were real people, as we go on their wild adventure. It’s a hell of a ride, the odds are stacked against us and the stakes are very high. I think it’s going to be really empowering and hopeful to see a group of women coming together to survive.


TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far?

GD: I’m a bit of a bird nerd and I’ve had some excellent birding adventures in Oregon, Washington, Northern California and Montana. But the first time I went exploring the wilds of the Nevada desert with my husband was the greatest by far! I was blown away by the vast expanse of sky and earth. It felt like a whole new world to me; different plants, animals and life everywhere. Compared to the lush growth of the forests that I am familiar with, there is a resilience to life in the desert. It clings on despite the harsh environment and I was instantly taken with that.


Kerry Ryan Portrays Goodman in Men On Boats


Company Member Kerry Ryan will play Goodman in Men On Boats, opening March 2nd, 2018. 

Kerry is a graduate of Brown University and the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Program, a former member of Imago Theatre and Theatre Vertigo, and a proud current member of Third Rail Repertory (A Bright New Boise, The Realistic Joneses, The Angry Brigade). Kerry is also a member/founder of the Anonymous Theatre Company, and happily spends her days at the Oregon Children’s Theatre and managing Dog Adventures Northwest. Regional credits include Futura and JAW at Portland Center Stage, The Servant of Two Masters and The Tempest at the Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Julius Caesar with the Tennessee Shakespeare Company.




Q & A with Kerry Ryan


TR: What are some of your favorite places to go adventuring in Oregon?

KR: Cannon Beach, Sisters, the Sandy River, the Gorge, Mount Hood.


TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far?

KR: Parenting a toddler.


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Amber Whitehall Joins the Cast of Men On Boats



We are thrilled to announce that Amber Whitehall will portray Old Shady in Men On Boatsopening March 2nd, 2018.

Amber Whitehall is a founding member of PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble). She is a performer/creator and teacher. Her research and teaching includes creative compositional process, embodied awareness and expression, and the symbiotic relationship between composition and improvisation. Amber is a regular practitioner and teacher of the Viewpoints and Suzuki actor training. She is a faculty member at the Institute for Contemporary Performance. MFA.



Q & A with Amber Whitehall  

TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?
AW: I’m really excited to be in the company of women. I’m excited because we’re working on it in this time when women are being heard every day telling stories of being exploited by people with power. And I hope that it will lead to this culture of dominance being interrupted so that all women will be listened to. And that we might all talk with each other as people, each of us valuable in our own unique ways. I’m really excited about the adventure!


TR: What are some of your favorite places to go adventuring in Oregon?

AW: Last summer I went for a 50-mile hike in 4 days, including 3 snowy mountain passes in the Wallowas. It was amazingly beautiful. And I was worn out! But had such a sense of accomplishment! Also, I love poking around the beaches. Jenny Ampersand took me to Roads End at Lincoln City at a minus tide once. Forests of long neck barnacles! And I saw Velella Velella for the first time – tiny, blue jellyfishy creatures with wind sails. Magic.


TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far?

AD: Besides navigating the relationship terrain of being married, my biggest life adventure may be my company, PETE. We sweat together and love one another.  We try impossible things, see amazing beauty and we get hurt sometimes. We hold great respect for each other because we’re a little bit dangerous. We strive to behold something great that rises from amongst us, with rigor and commitment. PETE has given me a lot that I will try to bring to the Men on Boats project and this incredible company of women.

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Anya Pearson Makes Her Third Rail Debut

We are thrilled to introduce Anya Pearson, making her Third Rail debut as Seneca in Men on Boats this March.

Anya is an accomplished actress, playwright, poet, producer, and activist. Anya is the inaugural winner of the prestigious $10,000 Voice is a Muscle Grant from the Corporeal Voices Foundation run by best-selling author Lidia Yuknavitch. She is currently working on the development of her choreopoem, Made to Dance in Burning Buildings, which is a fusion of poetry, theatre, and violent and visceral contemporary dance, and is also in the process of publishing her first collection of poetry. Favorite roles include Eve in Come to the Table, Mike Pence for Shaking the Tree, Nikki in Hands Up for August Wilson’s Red Door Project, Rebecca in The Call for Profile Theatre, and Antipholus/Adriana/Bobby (and others) in Bomb-itty of Errors for Post Five Theatre. She is a graduate of the prestigious two-year program at the William Esper Studio in New York City and the writing program at Marylhurst University. Her best production is truly her 5 ½-year-old daughter Aidan.




Q & A with Anya Pearson

TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?

AP: I am excited about Men On Boats because I am excited by women reclaiming the male narrative. In this country, at this time, it is both a dangerous and a thrilling proposition to be a woman. Especially a strong woman. With all of the information that is coming to light about all of the sexual harassment, assault and general bad behavior of men that has been swept under the rug for generations, it is amazing. liberating, and thrilling to be a part of a story that is female-centric, female-driven, all female in cast and direction, and is intentionally subverting the patriarchy.

TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far?

AP: The greatest adventure of my life has been motherhood. It is full of surprises, laughter, challenges, exhaustion, tears, frustration, and the most profound and deep joy and love I have ever experienced.


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Third Rail Welcomes Jennifer Lanier as Powell in Men On Boats

Third Rail is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Lanier to the stage as Powell in Men On Boatsopening March 2nd at the Imago Theatre.

Jennifer Lanier grew up in Greensboro, NC and received her classical acting training at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts under Gerald Freedman, Cigden Onat, and Robert Moyer. While in North Carolina, Jennifer founded the Lesbian Thesbians theatre company and also produced a number of independent projects. She became a founding fellow of the A+ Schools Program, instructing school faculties in Arts integration and curriculum enrichment. She also began working with Robert Moyer at the United Stage, bringing scripted and improvisational stories to young audiences throughout the South. The two even had a run at the Smithsonian Institution’s Discovery Theatre of Lanier’s original young audiences piece, BRER RABBIT MEETS COYOTE, exploring the challenges with growing up as an ethnically mixed person. Lanier expanded the piece into a solo comedy called NONE OF THE ABOVE which she has toured to colleges, theatre festivals, and Pride events throughout the country. She currently has a production company, Many Horses Productions, which produces variety shows, drag events, and theatre.

Lanier’s resume is extensive and varied. She has worked in regional theatre (American Stage, Portland Playhouse, Ruth Foreman Theatre, Coho Theatre) touring theatre (People’s Art Action, Artist’s Repertory Theatre, Original Practice Shakespeare, United Stage), television(guest star on Leverage, Hawaii, Grimm), national & regional commercials, and film (Scrapper, Last Champion, Legend of Two Path). Lanier lives in Vancouver WA with her wife, two sons, a costume-loving dachshund, a cantankerous cat, an anorexic tortoise, and a singing guinea pig.

Q & A with Jennifer Lanier


TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?


JL: Men On Boats is a great opportunity to dive into lives of some of the explorers and exploiters of North America. As a Native American/African American woman, I am intrigued by the perspective of men who were so quick to discount the knowledge and experience of the native folks who lived in the areas they explored, who were so arrogant as to name places themselves. It will be interesting to explore those senses of entitlement as active choices in everyday life. I am also VERY excited to work with a groups of strong women actors in a project that will clearly need lots of collaboration and creative openness. These are the moments when I love all-women projects! A group of women coming together, discovering how the waterfalls and rapids will happen, how the boats themselves will happen is the kind of work I live for!


TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far? 


JL: Exploring Denali National Park in Alaska: hiking up to a herd of Dahl sheep, seeing moose diving for water plants in a pond, watching one grizzly bear chase down another grizzly bear, laughing at baby elk romping on a mountainside, and flying over Denali as I imagined how the guys of the Sourdough Expedition managed to climb to the summit with regular ropes, fortified by dried salmon and hot chocolate.


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Sylvia Earle

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Our next show, Men On Boats, capsizes the white male conquest narrative and features ten extraordinary women in the roles of John Wesley Powell and his intrepid crew. In honor of this gleeful gender-bend, we’re launching this #womancrushwednesday series, featuring adventurers from past and present. Check back every Wednesday to learn about these badass women!

This week’s #WomanCrush is marine biologist, author and explorer Sylvia Earle (b. 1935). Sometimes referred to as “Her Deepness” or “The Sturgeon General”, Earle’s storied career has combined significant research and discovery with political activism. Earle was the first woman to serve as Chief Scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence, and the founder of Mission Blue, a nonprofit devoted to protecting the world’s oceans. In 2017, Earle received the Rachel Carson prize for environmentalism.


“Thanks to generations of curious, daring, intrepid explorers of the past, we may know enough, soon enough, to chart safe passage for ourselves far into the future.”
–Sylvia Earle


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Bessie Coleman

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Our next show, Men On Boats, capsizes the white male conquest narrative and features ten extraordinary women in the roles of John Wesley Powell and his intrepid crew. In honor of this gleeful gender-bend, we’re launching this #womancrushwednesday series, featuring adventurers from past and present. Check back every Wednesday to learn about these badass women!

This week’s #WomanCrush is aviator Bessie Coleman (1892-1926), the world’s first black female pilot. Coleman became interested in aviation after her brother, a WWI pilot, taunted her about “the superiority of French women”, some of whom could even fly planes. Coleman applied to numerous aviation programs in the United States but was rejected; none of them would take a woman or an African-American. Undaunted, Coleman traveled to France, where she graduated from the Caudron Borthers school of Aviation in 1921. She returned to the United States and began touring the country, offering exhibitions and flight lessons. Although her career was tragically shortened by a flight accident in 1926, Coleman’s legacy challenged racial and gender stereotypes and inspired the next generation of female aviators.



“The air is the only place free from prejudices.”
–Bessie Coleman


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Annie Smith Peck

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Our next show, Men On Boats, capsizes the white male conquest narrative and features ten extraordinary women in the roles of John Wesley Powell and his intrepid crew. In honor of this gleeful gender-bend, we’re launching this #womancrushwednesday series, featuring adventurers from past and present. Check back every Wednesday to learn about these badass women!

This week’s badass woman is Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935). Peck was an American mountaineer and suffragist, who broke records as the first woman to scale Huascarán in Peru, a peak over 6700m tall. Like many women before and since, Peck’s accomplishments were overshadowed by controversy over her attire; her climbing tunics and trousers sparked heated public debate in 1895. Peck was the author of several books about South America and was a founding member of the American Alpine Club.

“My home is where my trunk is.”
–Annie Smith Peck

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