Jory Bowers

The daughter of actor parents (who met on tour, mind you), Jory has theater in her blood. From putting on plays about tigers and princesses with her brother at the age of 5, to becoming the student technical director of her high school’s theater program, Jory’s been backstage for more hours than she’s slept in her own bed. After moving to Portland in fall of 2011, she pursued her love of theater, working in many capacities at Portland Center Stage, Coho Productions, Artist’s Repertory Theater, the Fertile Ground Festival, and happily found her home with Third Rail.

Jory’s excited by work that pushes the boundaries of connection and empathy. Theater offers us an opportunity to get to know (and, for some of us, to embody) peoples different from ourselves, and to challenge ourselves to understand and embrace their stories. As a stage manager, Jory gets to fall in love with a new cast of characters (and actors) every show.

While you may not often see Jory, know that she has supported the shows you see from inception to closing night. Stage management is the caring grease that keeps theatrical magic rolling smoothly!