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Third Rail
Photos by
Owen Carey
by Allison Moore
January 13, 2012 through January 29, 2012

You haven't gone to work in weeks, your wife's pumped full of hormones and your sister-in-law has just announced she's moving in. What better time to go on a secret mission as a drug mule? The stakes keep rising in Allison Moore's anxious new comedy of loss and recovery amid the rubble of modern life.

Stephanie Gaslin
Jim Iorio
Rebecca Lingafelter
Shelley Lipkin
Director - Slayden Scott Yarbrough
Scenic Design - Lawrence Larsen
Costume Design - Emily Horton
Lighting Design - Michael Mazzola
Sound Design - Cameron McFee
Dialect Coach - Stephanie Gaslin
Production Manager - Don Crossley
Production Manager - Jen Raynak
Stage Manager - Clair Callaway
Rehearsal Stage Manager - Lori Bettencourt
Rehearsal Stage Manager - Avital Rutenberg-Schoenberg
Technical Director - Demetri Pavlatos
Assistant Technical Director - Jason Stanley
Scenic Construction - Lunar Theatrical
Props Master - Drew Dannhorn
Master Electrician - Meghan McNeal
Deck Crew - Ken Potts
Light Operator - Jennifer Lin

From Metaphor to Cliché
The struts of a bridge frame a stage made of up broken pieces of road, while the creaking, rumbling sound design creates the genuinely unsettling impression of a world falling apart around our ears. Plus, as David's wife Hannah, Rebecca Lingafelter offers a grounded and relatable performance as a woman desperately struggling to keep her life together. - Portland Mercury

Things fall apart, but not in the way you'd guess.
Collapse is a drama of disappointed expectations, in which seemingly important coincidences turn out to be meaningless, and the anticipated madcap climax is dealt with quietly, offstage. Things fall apart—just deal with it. - Willamette Week

Ready, aim, fire: on Portland stages, a shot in the dark
Playwright Moore begins Collapse in a nervous tizzy and quickly balances the comic silliness with a tender emotional touch. The play has modest elements of mystery – we learn the shape of things gradually, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of the picture on the box – but the writing and acting are engaging enough that the process is a pleasure, not an irritation. - Oregon Arts Watch

Third Rail Rep finds comfort in a fractured world
As the broken hunk of bridge that hangs off one side of the Winningstad balcony hints, Moore’s play deals in part with the aftermath of 2007’s I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, which sent evening rush-hour traffic plunging into the Mississippi River. The Great Recession, with its attendant financial, interpersonal and emotional fallout, makes things more complicated and precarious. - Oregon Live

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