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The Aliens
photos by Owen Carey
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Photos by
Owen Carey
The Aliens
by Annie Baker
April 12, 2013 through May 4, 2013

In April, Third Rail returns to the CoHo Theatre, the site of our very first production, for Annie Baker’s Obie-winning play, THE ALIENS. KJ and Jasper hold court on the back patio of the local coffee shop, trying out a new song. Enter Evan Shelmerdine, the nervous new barista, tasked with getting rid of them. Will he succeed or unwittingly become KJ and Jasper’s newest project? THE ALIENS is a surprising, charming, and gentle meditation on friendship, loss, and a generation of young Americans trying to find their place in the world.

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Bryce Earhart
Isaac Lamb
Chris Murray
Director - Tim True
Production Manager - Don Crossley
Production Manager - Kaye Blankenship
Costume Design - Jamie Hammon
Prop Design - Damon Kupper
Set Design - Kristeen Crosser
Set Construction - Lunar Theatricals
Lighting Design - Jason Winslow
Sound Design - Jen Raynak
Assistant Director - Ryan Mooney
Technical Director - Demetri Pavlatos
Dramaturg - Larkin Sackett
Stage Manager - Jory Bowers
Assistant Stage Manager - Matthew Jones
Master Electrician - Jennifer Lin

Spirit Blues: Coming of Age Onstage in The Aliens
"At intermission, I wasn't sure about The Aliens. I couldn't tell where it was going—what it was about. Only later did it occur to me that this not knowing meant I was in the presence of a confident, superbly constructed script, one that lays its groundwork patiently, and reveals its intentions without handholding or pandering." - Portland Mercury

They’re only human.
"Take, for example, a moment in Third Rail’s deeply humane and quietly unnerving production of The Aliens. KJ (Isaac Lamb), a bearlike 30-year-old who lives at home and drinks shroom tea, tells a story. At age 5, he was obsessed with the word “ladder” and repeated it incessantly, until his mother let him shout the word as often and as deafeningly as he needed. Lamb delivers a monologue—if it can be called that—composed of that single word. I began counting the number of repetitions and then lost track, finding myself hypnotized and horrified and heartbroken. It’s sublime and sorrowful, wonderful and terrible." - Willamette Week

Finding friendship and facing hardship with 'The Aliens'
"What might be played as an existentialist stoner comedy instead gets the kind of careful emotional examination characteristic of a Third Rail Rep production. Chris Murray broods and simmers as Jasper, a man trying to be dismissive of the anguish eating away at him, and Bryce Earhart nails the halting manner and ingrained unease of teenage misfit Evan. But it is KJ -- good-hearted yet addled by mushrooms and mental illness -- who serves as the story’s fulcrum, and the versatile actor Isaac Lamb shows us his innocence, grief and confusion in ways both sweetly funny and heartbreaking." - The Oregonian

Aliens found lurking in the human brain, heart
"But that’s why I have fallen so hard for “The Aliens.” It doesn’t feel compressed and simplified. It doesn’t offer typical psychological arcs or narrative lines. It begins to pick at our intermittence, our disjointedness, our impulses and our ennui, our memories and convenient fictions. And it makes a compelling play out of them, such is the power of theater." - OR ArtsWatch

Third Rail Rep revisits its roots with a show in the intimate CoHo Theatre
"Even though the production puts Third Rail back in touch with its roots, it really is a sign of the company's continued growth -- including the development of company actors such as Tim True into directors." - The Oregonian

"...a gentle and extraordinarily beautiful new play by Annie Baker..." - The New York Times

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