Midsummer (a play with songs)

March 28, 2014 - April 19, 2014

CoHo Theater - 2257 NW Raleigh St, Portland, OR 97210

Helena has a high-paying, powerful job with benefits, a taste for good wine and great food, and a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attitude. Bob has a low-paying job that could get him killed, reads Dostoyevsky to cheer himself up, and has a social life that peaked in high school. Helena and Bob. Oil and water. Fire and ice. Could a rainy weekend of poor decisions, drunken seductions, crashed weddings, Japanese bondage failures, and mob run-ins put a song in their hearts and bring these two lovebirds together? Midsummer (a play with songs) is a smart, bouncy, surprising, and joyous tale of finding change in the most unlikely of places.


An almost ridiculously charming piece of theater guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and wish that, like Bob, you had 15,000 pounds in a plastic shopping bag to squander on a pretty girl and a gang of street goths. Much of the charm in this Third Rail Repertory Theatre production comes courtesy of the leads…Philip Cuomo’s direction makes the most of every moment.

Willamette Week


  • Writer David Greig and Gordon McIntyre
  • Director Philip Cuomo
  • Stage Manager Jory Bowers
  • Assistant Director Sascha Blocker
  • Scenic Designer Demetri Pavlatos
  • Costume Designer Emily Horton
  • Lighting Designer Kristeen Crosser
  • Music Director and Sound Designer Mark Valadez
  • Props Master Kaye Blankenship
  • Dramaturg Brian Myers
  • Dramaturg Ellen Walkley


  • Bob Isaac Lamb
  • Helena Cristi Miles