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 Send a Student to a Season of Third Rail Plays

PLEASE NOTE: We have a number of wonderful young people already enjoying the Sponsored Student Scholarship Program this year. Third Rail is excited to increase that number by welcoming a few more onboard! If you or someone you know is interested in more information, please contact info@thirdrailrep.org.

Many of you know our Core Company members as great actors, directors, designers and technicians. What you might not know is that many of them are also teachers and mentors at local colleges and schools. And the students they teach are always looking for ways to get as much exposure to theatre as they can.

Now, remember when you were a college student and you ate Ramen six days a week? Well, not much has changed and these students are also on a tight budget. That’s where you come in. We’re asking you, our loyal Third Rail patrons to partner with us to help bring these young people to the theatre. You can do this by sponsoring a season subscription for these deserving students for $100 per student.

Check out our students profiled below, then please call 503-235-1101 and say you want to help these students who are bound to be our next generation of theatre performers and audiences. They’ll be so grateful they might even share their Ramen with you.

To sponsor a student with a season subscription, call 503-235-1101 or email boxoffice@thirdrailrep.org.


I’m currently a sophomore at Pacific University, double majoring in Theatre and Music. I hope to participate in both fields of art after I graduate. I am a proud percussionist, and perform in five music ensembles at Pacific while also performing with Pacific’s drama department. To be awarded a subscription to Third Rail Rep’s 16-17 season would mean to grow as both a performer and an audience member. I would be extremely grateful to be given more access to live theatre. As a theatre student, the opportunity to see the same group of actors take on different roles from an outside perspective is invaluable.



I am a senior at Pacific University, majoring in Anthropology with a double minor in Theatre and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I play percussion in the Pacific Symphonic Band, and drums in the Pacific Jazz Band, and I am also involved in the Pacific Theatre Department.

Becoming a Sponsored Student member of Third Rail Main Stage would be a gracious opportunity, not only for me, but for my community. I am always looking for ways to cross my mediums of study (anthropology, gender, and theatre) and the way to produce more works of art, is to be exposed to more theatre. Whether as an actor, a writer, or through an active watcher and advocate, I want to encourage the production of creative, live theatre, and this membership is a wonderful opportunity to do so.



I am a student at Pacific University majoring in Elementary Education, with a minor in Theatre. My plan is to be an elementary school teacher by day and an actress by night. I am a lifelong learner, and I believe that theatre will help me gain knowledge for the rest of my life.  I cannot get my hands on enough stories and theatre just so happens to be one of my favorite ways of receiving them.

This opportunity would mean the world to me. In my life, I have only had two professional theatre experiences and both of them were life changing. Ever since I was a little girl, stories have been my bridges to other people’s thought processes. Whenever I am within or around the theatre, I feel more connected to the world and the people around me than I do in most other situations. Theatre reminds me that I am alive and that there are people out there who spent so much time to create a moment of storytelling.  To me, this fact, is beyond beautiful. This opportunity would allow me to hear more stories in which I will learn, explore, enjoy, and grow.



I am a junior Theater major, Music minor at the University of Portland. I came into college as an Electrical Engineering major, then shortly after realized how much I like to sing, dance, and act.

I love theater. The community especially. Being a part of shows and seeing shows is beautiful to me because you can get humanity to see things in a way that they hadn’t before. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get introduced to it until my senior year in high school, unlike many of my peers. This leads me to believe that I am so much further behind in terms of theater knowledge. I really want to immerse myself more into the theater world, and I do believe that I will be able to do that with the motivation that I have a subscription to a season of shows.


I am a graduate student at Portland State University majoring in Secondary Education—English Language Arts and Theatre Arts.  I feel compelled to tell you the direction of my life’s work: merging the fields of English Lit and Theatre Arts through a marriage of theory and practical application in a middle/high school classroom. Ideally, I’d like to one day be a liaison between public high schools and local theatre companies, working in tandem to promote the arts.

I hope to be accepted into the Third Rail Student Subscription Program because I desperately want MORE STAGE MAGIC IN MY LIFE!  What I appreciate so much about the Student Subscription Program are the additional dramaturgical reading materials provided before a show. These inspire me to consider lesson plans, dramatic exercises and theoretical knowledge to give to my future students when I enter a classroom at the end of my credential program.



I am a senior at Lewis & Clark College majoring in Theatre, with a concentration in Tech & Design. When I graduate this May, I plan to continue pursuing a career as a stage manager. I am currently stage managing productions at Lewis & Clark, as well as select performances of Hands Up! with the August Wilson Red Door Project. One of the reasons I love stage management is that it allows me to be a part of every aspect of a production, seeing each piece be created and then brought together, and knowing that I played a key role in the process.

For me, this sponsorship would mean an expansion of my theatrical education. Being financially able to attend high quality, live performances would mean that a source of inspiration and information would be available to me, where previously the high ticket prices had been a barrier. It would mean being exposed to exciting theatre that is being created now, in the city in which I live, and in the professional community that I hope to join. Every time I attend a performance, I learn something about the way that I want to create theatre. For me, a Third Rail sponsorship would allow me to have those learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.



I am currently a senior at Pacific University majoring in Theatre. I grew up in a small town near Tillamook and was raised in a farming community/family around many types of animals. I was homeschooled up until I started college, but did get involved with sports, choir, band, and theatre in middle school and high school.

This opportunity would be amazing for me. As a theatre major I find it incredibly beneficial to watch others perform and to experience as much theatre as possible. Whether it be the play itself, actors, set, props, or costumes it all helps me to become a better artist! As a broke college student it is difficult to go see plays and this opportunity would make that much easier to overcome.


I’m a sophomore Theater major at the University of Portland. I grew up in Elko, Nevada. The town I grew up in doesn’t have very many theater companies (what companies we do have are mostly community theater), so I didn’t have the opportunity to see many plays growing up.  And most of the plays that are produced are usually considered classic, so it’s unusual that a new or provocative play is done. Also, because the community theater companies produced most of the plays, I haven’t had the opportunity to see many professional actors. I would greatly appreciate a sponsorship as it would allow me to see new theater performed by professionals, and I believe that I could learn a lot from seeing the shows that Third Rail produces.