Sponsor a Student


 Send a Student to a Season of Third Rail Plays

Many of you know our Core Company members as great actors, directors, designers and technicians. What you might not know is that many of them are also teachers and mentors at local colleges and schools. And the students they teach are always looking for ways to get as much exposure to theatre as they can.

Now, remember when you were a college student and you ate Ramen six days a week? Well, not much has changed and these students are also on a tight budget. That’s where you come in. We’re asking you, our loyal Third Rail patrons to partner with us to help bring these young people to the theatre. You can do this by sponsoring a season subscription for these deserving students for $100 per student.

Check out our 2018-2019 student subscribers profiled below, then please call 503-235-1101 and say you want to help these students who are bound to be our next generation of theatre performers and audiences. They’ll be so grateful they might even share their Ramen with you.

To sponsor a student with a season subscription, call 503-235-1101 or email boxoffice@thirdrailrep.org.

Are you a student interested in applying to the program? Email info@thirdrailrep.org and we’ll send you an application! Applications for the 2018-19 season are due on October 1st, 2018!


While there are many opportunities to see free and inexpensive theater in my area, professional theater is much harder to find as a student who is putting most of her paychecks into school payments. Getting the opportunity to see talented working theatre artists in my area perform with Third Rail is one I would not otherwise get to have. My teachers have always said ‘If you want to do theater, you must keep seeing theater.’ This would be amazing opportunity, and one that would mean a lot to me as I pursue a career that I’ve had to sacrifice for; one that I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Especially looking forward to Revolt!


I’m a Junior Technical Theatre Major at Lewis and Clark College who aspires to be a professional Lighting Designer/Stage Manager. I also have a double minor in Art History and Rhetoric and Media Studies, and this combination of areas of study at LC gives me a lot of opportunity to have learn a variety of topics. I love the opportunities I have to see Portland theatre already, but I would be able to make it to way more shows if I didn’t need to worry as much about money. I hope that I will be able to meet up with more people and gain some professional opportunities out of college.


I love watching theater that responds to the current political and social climate, and this season at Third Rail is doing just that. Through seeing a number of shows all produced by the same theater, the nuances of the company would emerge, and I would love to learn about the details that make up Third Rail. The opportunity to have a sponsored season subscription would not only grant me with the chance to watch professional theater, but it would also allow me to share my love of performance with friends, as well as provide inspiration for discussions about the world we live in today. With the gleam of graduate school in Theater on the horizon, I only feel more and more passionate about the incredible art of storytelling.


I participate in theater programs at my high school as well as local programs including OCT (Oregon Children’s Theatre) and NWCT (Northwest Children’s Theatre), and through these programs I have grown as an artist and a person, and have developed a love for educating others. Along with the arts, I am passionate about women’s health. I plan to double major in theater and biology in college, so that I can become an OB/GYN.

Many of my friends are also interested in theater, but can never go to see performances, so this could allow them to be more involved in the theater community as well.


I have worked professionally in Portland as an assistant director, and student mentor with Enso Theatre Ensemble, and as an Education Assistant with Isinglass. Upon graduation I plan to study abroad and possibly return to Portland to continue working in the vibrant theatre community I have come to love.

I have seen how the energy and beauty of professional theatre can change a student. I value seeing shows as a critical part of my theatre education. This opportunity would allow me to grow personally as an artist, and to learn by watching those who I someday hope to work alongside.


Upon coming to America in the 6th grade… theatre was a place where I could find a community. I have grown up with arts being an important factor in establishing who I am and what I believe in, and having this opportunity would mean that I could learn what is happening in Portland theatre and be able to be inspired by people who are doing the work I strive to do. I look to theatre as a place where companies can engage and communicate with each other.


When I graduated from high school, I was itching to explore a totally new place, and I came to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark College. I study Theatre and Environmental Studies, and am very interested in the intersections between the two. The majority of my experience in theatre comes from acting, which is truly the greatest source of passion and drive in my life. I have already seen several Third Rail shows over the past few years, and would love to continue to see more. As I will be graduating soon, I would be excited to see as much theatre from working artists as I can, especially in Portland, where I see myself living after graduation.


I have a strong passion for the performing arts, and work both on stage as a performer and off stage as a stage technician. Opportunities to continue engaging with theater allow me to expand my horizons in the theatre world and see the influence of theatre on modern society. I would love the ability to explore more genres and aspects of theatre as much as possible. I also want to spread the joy of seeing theatre with my family and peers and help them understand how theatre impacts our world today.