Strangest Dinner Party

Mr. Kolpert certainly escalates a dinner party to a level that we dearly hope you have never personally experienced. That said, many of us can relate to one of its basic premises – the Strangest Dinner Party Ever! So, we asked patrons to share their Strangest Dinner Party stories. And WOW you delivered!

1980 – We were a very young couple invited to the new boss’s home for a fancy dinner and then a night out at the opera. The meal was more than fabulous and the chocolate truffles were amazing…but sometime during this very very fancy dinner party, my napkin quietly slipped off my lap and onto the floor. I, however, continued to wipe my hands on my lap thinking my dress was my napkin (messy chocolate fingertips from those darn truffles!). We all stood up to leave for the opera and the front of my dress was a giant shmear of chocolate – horrified, I ran into the powder room – but wait, it was actually the hall closet – when I finally got to the bathroom, I doused my dress with water because THAT certainly wouldn’t look bad, right? The boss’s wife cheerfully lied to me that she could hardly tell that my grey dress was brown in the front. To top off the evening, halfway through the performance at The Keller, all the wine from dinner kicked in and my husband and I fell asleep. Funny, we were never invited to their home again…

Thank you for sharing your story Bernadette McCullen-Carrick!

And no matter the drippy details of your Strangest Dinner Party, we assure you that it is a drop in the bucket compared to the chaos, hilarity, and horror of Mr. Kolpert!