November 23 – November 29, 2015

It’s a holiday week! We had a fun evening on Monday screening NT Live’s The Beaux’ Stratagem for Company Members and the Mentorship program. We have those early screenings for ourselves to make sure there are no glitches in the broadcast and because there are never enough seats for us at the public screenings! We fully expect that will be the case for the upcoming The Beaux’ Stratagem.

Then, that rarest of weeks, one without further events. We all will continue to work on company business here at HQ and prepare for a full December line-up. But in the meantime…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are certainly thankful for your continued support, our ongoing conversation with our audience, and the Portland theatre community. We wish you a wonderful, food-filled weekend and we’ll be back with lots to tell you about in December!

November 16 – November 22, 2015

This week at Third Rail, we have more screenings of NT Live’s Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch. If you have not yet gotten a ticket (and assuming there are still tickets available), we highly recommend that you find time to see this production! It’s nearly four hours of Benedict Cumberbatch. In minutes, that’s almost a full season of Sherlock.

We are truly excited this week to also be bringing Hamlet directly to high school students. We have another screening at a local high school where hundreds of teens will be seeing this world class show. We love bringing theatre to young audiences!

Finally this week, if you’ve been reading about our weekly exploits, you know that we almost never rest at Third Rail! We closed The Realistic Joneses last weekend and production meetings are already in progress for our next Main Stage show, Mr. Kolpert. This Sunday, the rough drawings for the set and costumes are due. The design process is well under way and rehearsals are not that far behind! And the beat goes on…

Last Chance for The Realistic Joneses

Closing weekend. The last few chances to sit in the theatre with 4 amazing actors and experience Will Eno’s hilarious, poignant story before it is gone. Last few chances to see Rebecca Lingafelter’s beautiful Third Rail directorial debut! That’s right, we are saying goodbye to The Realistic Joneses. Critics and audiences love this show, and frankly, so do we. We’ll be sad to see this one end – so get here this weekend to help us send it off right!

You’ll laugh. You’ll think about life and relationships and communication. You’ll hear language in new and exciting ways. But mostly, you’ll laugh.

…Third Rail has brought four top actors together for this little exercise in quiet heartbreak and existential whimsy, and Rebecca Lingafelter directs them with a firm but gentle hand…It’s tough not to like a play that finds this much wonder in the ordinary.Oregon ArtsWatch

The quartet of actors navigate this bittersweet prose effortlessly, seeming natural as they inhabit the characters’ idiosyncrasies. Eno and the actors show deep compassion for these couples, and it’s contagious.Willamette Week

The stage design was fantastic, using a projector to transform the one set piece into several different buildings, but sound designer Mark Valadez deserves…praise for his use of calming ocean sounds during set changes…The Oregonian

November 9 – November 15, 2015

This week, we must say goodbye to The Realistic Joneses. (We promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry…) We will miss this beautiful production of this brilliant script. Audiences have been filling the theatre with laughter during the show, engaging in fascinating conversations with us during the talkbacks, and then writing us about their experience afterward. Here are just a few snippets:

“Great play!”
“The play was brilliant.”
“Fabulous — saw it today and it was a wonderful ride!”
“We enjoyed this play so much we are likely to go again. This play is unlike any other play we’ve seen.”
“ was terrific.”

We want to share this with as many people as possible before we close on Saturday night! Join us before it’s too late!

This weekend, we also have four more showings of NT Live’s Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch. This show has been selling out so quickly that we just keep adding more screenings, but eventually, we’ll have to stop! So, get your tickets while you can!

November 2 – November 8, 2015

Our acclaimed production of The Realistic Joneses continues this week! But only two weekends remain to join the fun!

Eno’s lively writing and characters beg for a second viewing… This is a great play performed by four superb actors. I urge you to see it.Edge Media Network

We also have a Members only event this week! A clown performance from our class of Mentees – the result of a weekend intensive led by Company Member Philip Cuomo. The Mentees will be led through three three-hour workshops, discovering and exploring and crafting a clown world. Their work will include the creation of short scenarios in which they apply form and technique to create content. The weekend will be influenced by everyone from Rudolph Laban and Jacques Lecoq to Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Bugs Bunny.

It will be reckless, colorful and wild – and available only to our Members. Can’t stand to miss out on the fun? Become a Member now and join the ranks for less than $30 a month!

November 2015

We have a little bit of everything for you this November.

The Realistic Joneses

Closes November 14

You want a Main Stage show?
We’ve got two final weekends of The Realistic Joneses. to offer! The reception to this show has been tremendous, with beautiful reviews from news outlets and patrons alike:

…something much richer, much deeper and much more hilarious than anyone could have imagined.The Oregonian

This play is brilliant.Patron on Facebook

Still plenty of time to experience it for yourself!

PETE: All Well

Closes November 1

You want a Wild Card?
PETE’s All Well just slips into November as it closes on the 1st. But due to popular demand, they’ve added an extra performance at 7:30 that night! There may just be a hammock or two left if you want to sink into this unique experience.


November 14, 15, 21 & 22

You want an NT Live screening?
We keep adding showings of Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch and you keep filling the theatre! Get tickets while you can to the fastest selling show in National Theatre history and an excellent, singular production of the classic tragedy.

Bloody Sunday Reading (MEMBER ONLY EVENT)

November 15

You want a Bloody Sunday reading?
Well, that’s where we’ll be the morning of Sunday, November 15th. We don’t tell you what play we’re reading beforehand, but we guarantee you’ll hear a play we are considering for production – and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with us about it afterward.

You want to see all of these for under $30?
That’s an easy one. Become a Member! There’s no time like now…

We’ll see you around the theatre!