The Dramaturgs on Mr. Kolpert

Here are some thoughts about Mr. Kolpert from our superb Dramaturgical team, Brian Myers and Ellen Walkley:

“Startling, jarring and unexpected, the antics in Mr. Kolpert have had a worldwide appeal. Since the first production in 2000 in London, Mr. Kolpert has been produced in 24 countries, from Iceland and Romania to Israel and New Zealand. The play was originally written in German, while Gieselmann was a resident playwright at the Royal Court, and first performed in English. In addition to this comedy, Gieselmann has written a translation of Edward II, a libretto for The Onyx Hotel and an award-winning play for children, About Boys. His blog, Popticker, follows popular music.”

Mr. Kolpert shares with many absurdist plays a silence about the causes of or the remedies for the characters’ predicaments. As in Waiting for Godot or The Birthday Party, the action begins in an unexplained present and proceeds without arguing for a particular resolution to the characters’ underlying problems. In Mr. Kolpert, the characters become increasingly extreme in their efforts to put their world right, but Gieselmann allows the audience to relieve whatever discomfort it may have at these extremes through laughter. That discomfort may linger, however, leaving us to wonder about what makes us laugh and what makes us stop.”

Come find that wonder! Mr. Kolpert runs February 5- 27 at our home in Imago Theatre.

Getting to Know Mr. Kolpert

As we approach the opening of this production, let’s get to know a bit about the people bringing us this highly anticipated and highly twisted comedy. To start, here is Company Member Stephanie Gaslin who is playing Edith in Mr. Kolpert.

Song you rock out to for getting pumped up?
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Song you put on when feeling a little blue?
The Beatles – Let It Be

Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor?
Macklemore – Thrift Shop

Superpower you wish you had?
To stop time in order to get the mundane tasks done and then start it again so that I won’t miss any fun activities or events OR to be able to think myself anywhere in the world and be transported there instantly.

Talent that surprises folks?
I am a singer and unfortunately I tend to keep it to myself. Maybe I should share it sometime.

Funny Third Rail memory?
During dress rehearsal for The Lonesome West we had two pilates balls in the basement of The IFCC, (a blue one that about 9 months later I was sitting on when my water broke and an orange one that was donated to the company). I dared Tim True to hold the orange pilates ball in front of him and I would hold the blue pilates ball in front of me. We then would both run at each other as fast as we could. I made this dare not considering the size difference between us. As our pilates balls crashed into one another I was sent flying into the corner of a cement wall. I hurt my back and had the largest purple bruise for weeks.

Mr. Kolpert runs from February 5 – February 27