Announcing our 2018-2019 season!

Third Rail’s current season explores profound connection in three vivid love stories, and the retelling of one American Classic.

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Directed by Rebecca Lingafelter

“I will say that meeting him was like walking out of a dark wood… it was like emerging from the cold into the sun.”

A Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, decked out for the holidays. An eccentric innkeeper, with a penchant for hospitality, miniatures, dolls and doilies. A couple in search of space to reconnect. Subtle and moving, Pultizer Prize winning Annie Baker’s John unspools a delicate, richly-detailed story, that urges us to seek meaning in the quotidian and the mysterious.

November 30 – December 22, 2018 at CoHo Theatre
Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

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Directed by Philip Cuomo

“I kissed someone. A kiss…”

In the midst of a Syrian city stricken by war, two young couples meet for a quiet evening of laughter and soap-opera-watching. But after a confession of love, two proposals, and an unexpected kiss, friendships lie in melodramatic tatters… and someone may lie dead on the floor. Guillermo Calderon’s riveting and surprising play blazes a trail through the twists and turns of cross-cultural understanding, challenging us to re-frame our notions of life, love, and what’s lost in translation.

March 15 – April 6, 2019 at CoHo Theatre
Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

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Arlington [a love story]
Directed by Isaac Lamb

“I like your voice, by the way.”

A young woman waits alone in a room for her number to be called, her destiny decided. On the other side of the wall, a young man watches her and weighs a choice that could change it all. The line between dreams and reality get blurry within this “riveting fever dream of a play” (The New York Times). In a dangerous dystopian world, what if love is the most powerful act of resistance?

May 31 – June 22, 2019 at CoHo Theatre
Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

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Earlier this year: The Music Man
Directed by Isaac Lamb

“Well, ain’t no call for a boys’ band in this town…”

You got that right. We’re assembling an all female one. In this stripped-down staging of an American classic, we probe a question we’ve been asking since last season’s Men on Boats: who gets to tell our most foundational stories? What if the Music Man you’ve been waiting for all this time wasn’t a man at all…

Adjust the lens. Challenge the tradition. Hear it again for the first time.

August 2 – August 5, 2018 at CoHo Theatre
Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

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