Wish List

The following is list of things we dream about at Third Rail. If you are so inclined, supplying anything on this list of items and services will be very much appreciated. This list is by no means complete, so please contact us if you have any other ideas of how you can help support Third Rail.

  • computers
  • company van
  • shop space where we can build sets
  • our very own versatile 250-seat theater
  • office supplies (envelopes, stamps, ink, label maker, etc.)
  • vacation rental for our annual 4-day retreat
  • printing services
  • auditing services
  • office and/or rehearsal space
  • food and drink for opening and closing night parties
  • beer, wine and soda for concessions
  • massages
  • media equipment
  • building materials
  • lumber
  • paint
  • power tools

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can help. If you have something on this list that you can contribute, or if reading the list reminded you of something else we might be able to use, please contact us at info@thirdrailrep.org.