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This year Third Rail is raising the bar is by offering yearlong programming. To do this, we have deconstructed the traditional theatre season and transitioned into Quarterly Play Announcements in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. At the top of each quarter, we will announce the upcoming Main Stage productions. Our upcoming productions include:

Annapurna  by Sharr White (August 5 – 27, 2016)

This hilarious, intimate, and moving look at the enormous power of forgiveness will be a perfect late summer treat. Twenty years after walking out on her marriage to Ulysses in the middle of the night, taking their young son with her, Emma returns to find her ex-husband has taken two decades to write his magnum opus, perfect his naked cooking techniques, and move into a dingy trailer with a phone-eating dog. And he’s also battling for his life. The two hash out the best and worst of their marriage, and the mysterious circumstances of the night she left.

The Nether  by Jennifer Haley (September 30 – October 22, 2016)

This riveting play looks at our future with the evolution of the internet and asks, how can morality be enforced in a world that doesn’t actually exist? Morris has been assigned to investigate rumors of bizarre and terrifying behavior in The Nether, an online virtual realm where technology can realistically simulate all five senses. As her investigation takes her deeper into this mysterious world, she’s forced to face the seductive pull of the realm she is determined to dismantle. The Nether is a chilling look into the possible iterations of our inevitable future; one that needs to be faced with open eyes.

The Flick  by Annie Baker (January 20 – February 11, 2017)

Set in a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, home to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state, The Flick follows the hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking stories of three mismatched employees.  As they pick up trash, bitch about their bosses, and critique the films that play at their ill-attended cineplex, the trio’s own funny and fraught dramas play out in the empty aisles. But unlike the films that flicker from the projection booth, these dramas have real-world consequences. With Baker’s finely-tuned ear for dialogue and her astute comic eye, The Flick is a laughter-filled cry for connection and authenticity.

The Angry Brigade  by James Graham (March 24 – April 11, 2017)

*AMERICAN PREMIERE* Against a backdrop of drastic budget cuts, high unemployment and the deregulated economy of 1970s Britain, a young urban guerilla group mobilizes: The Angry Brigade. Their targets? Embassies. Police. Pageant Queens. A world of order shattered by anarchy. An uprising has begun and no one is exempt. Part history play, part police procedural, part comedy of manners, part thriller, part documentary, part social satire, The Angry Brigade is one of the most compelling and theatrical plays in Third Rail’s history.


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