Mr. Kolpert

February 5, 2016 - February 27, 2016

Imago Theatre - 17 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

What do a mysterious trunk, an Orwellian pizza ordering system, architectural design, tiramisu, Marilyn Monroe, Goofy, Bill Clinton, chaos theory, ropes, gags, and the world’s worst boss have in common?  You’ll find out in a play that Variety described as “a wicked treat for the morbidly inclined—a bonbon filled with arsenic.” One part Albee, one part Hitchcock, one part Tarantino, Mr. Kolpert is a play we’ve been dying to produce since day one. Comedy doesn’t come much blacker or better than this.


Mr. Kolpert finally receives a smart, deliciously evil production, with carefully blended performances from its cast under the direction of Scott Yarbrough…Sometimes horror and humor go together hand in hand, and the audience my night were alternately aghast and amused, sometimes within seconds of each other.

Oregon ArtsWatch


  • Writer David Gieselmann
  • Director Scott Yarbrough
  • Translator David Tushingham
  • Stage Manager Kelly Cullom
  • Assistant Director Alan Cline
  • Fight Choreographer Kristen Mun
  • Dialect Coach Stephanie Gaslin
  • Lighting Designer Jennifer LIn
  • Sound Designer Mark Valadez
  • Scenic Designer Larry Larsen
  • Costume Designer Emily Horton
  • Props Master Charlotte Wallis
  • Dramaturg Brian Myers
  • Dramaturg Ellen Walkley


  • Ralf Rolland Walsh
  • Edith Stephanie Gaslin
  • Bastian Leif Norby
  • Sarah Kelly Goddell
  • The Pizza Man Chip Sherman