August 20, 2020 - August 23, 2020

Written by Adelaide Fisher, Eislinn Gracen, Azya Lyons, Debkayna Mitra, Olivia Ridley, Sarah Schecter, and Elizabeth Shannon

Directed by Kelsea Ashenbrenner, Melody Erfani, Josh Kashinsky, Rebecca Lingafelter, Sullivan Mackintosh, Josie Seid, and Andrea White

Without realizing it, we have come to look for you, and to feel a spark of delight when we find you there. This is the place we call home.

Led by Company Member Jennifer Lin (lead artist on Third Rail’s multimedia adaptation of the graphic novel Mother, Come HomeHome/Place is an image-driven response to three prompts: the home I was born to, the road I traveled, and the home I made. Blending photographs, graphic art, and fragments of personal stories, it evokes a variety of experiences about home, place, landscape, and identity. It is woven from the things we share with each other when we are finally asked to do so: an old family photo, a story from a four-year-old, a song, a memory from abroad, a portrait of joy, an imprint of loss, a view out the window of a car. It is a celebration, or perhaps a critique, or perhaps both, of the people and places we call home.

Audience Responses

An exciting, interesting show. I enjoyed hearing the web of voices reciting such poetic text. The two actors were terrific. I’ll definitely attend any future virtual theater from Third Rail.

Beautiful! Looking forward to more of such innovative theatre initiatives adapting to the pandemic.

Very contemplative and reflective⎼ like a memory, but also so very much in the present moment.

It felt like a completely new art form.


  • Writer Jennifer Lin
  • Director Jennifer Lin
  • Stage Manager Malavika Arun
  • Designer Phil Johnson
  • Composer & Vocalist Charles Grant


  • Actor Ash Heffernan
  • Actor Janelle Rae
  • Voiceover Charles Grant
  • Voiceover Cristi Miles