You Are Here

November 6, 2020 - November 8, 2020

You Are Here is a piece of documentary-style theatre that looks at Portland from within Portland, drawing on interviews with Portlanders of varying perspectives to highlight current stories of actual lived experience at a time when Portland has been a lightning rod in the news. In a highly collaborative process, three directors work together to present an extremely timely story told through language, design, and human expression. These artists are embracing the complexity of a rapidly shifting landscape to explore the possibilities of what can emerge artistically when the pressure is real. These pressures are cultural, social, racial, historical, and political. They are artistic and personal. They are temporal and spatial. What happens when a team of dedicated, curious theatre artists confront these pressures head on, and say You Are Here, right now?

Audience Responses

WOW. That was so so moving. I am so grateful for all the work that went into this – thank you artists and production team!!!

All those interviews… just incredible.

Love this platform, team. It seems to work beautifully.

Thank all of you. What a provocative evening. The thoughts you shared will remain with us.


  • Writer The ensemble and the Portland community
  • Director Jennifer Lin, Rebecca Lingafelter and Damaris Webb
  • Director of Design Jennifer Lin
  • Stage Manager Kristina Mast
  • Sound Designer Ryan Gamblin
  • Sound Recording Phil Johnson
  • Broadcast Director Alan Cline
  • Cultural Consultant Kristen Mun


  • Actor Tyharra Cozier
  • Actor Kayla Kelly
  • Actor Isaac Lamb
  • Actor Julana Torres