The Wonderful World of Dissocia

January 8, 2011 - February 20, 2011

World Trade Center - 121 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97204

Lisa Jones has been feeling a bit off. One hour off, in fact; the hour she lost when her flight to London crossed the Greenwich meridian at the exact moment daylight savings time ended. To retrieve her wandering hour, Lisa must take a journey–to Dissocia, where cars fly, bears sing, and the Black Dog King reigns. This wildly inventive, fearlessly smart, and relentlessly surprising play by the author of The Lying Kind will take you places you never expected and will never forget.


As energetic, funny, colorful, expansive as Act I is, Act II is sedate, dour, monochromatic, constrained…This is complex territory, emotionally and theatrically, yet this production stays remarkably surefooted at every step.

Dissocia features some of the most impressive technical design you’re likely to see on a Portland stage this year—it’s full of dazzling, “only in the theater” moments courtesy of designers Sam Kusnetz, Don Crossley, and Curt Enderle.

Portland Mercury


  • Writer Anthony Neilson
  • Director Scott Yarbrough
  • Stage Manager Clair Callaway
  • Assistant Director / Choreographer Amy Beth Frankel
  • Dialect Coach Stephanie Gaslin
  • Scenic Designer Curt Enderle
  • Costume Designer Emily Horton
  • Lighting Designer Don Crossley
  • Sound Designer / Composer Sam Kusnetz
  • Props Master Drew Danhorn
  • Video Projection Design Sam Kusnetz
  • Dramaturg Victoria Parker-Pohl


  • Lisa Maureen Porter
  • Ensemble John Steinkamp
  • Ensemble Damon Kupper
  • Ensemble Stephanie Gaslin
  • Ensemble Valerie Stevens
  • Ensemble Philip Cuomo
  • Ensemble Isaac Lamb
  • Ensemble Tim True