November 16 – November 22, 2015

This week at Third Rail, we have more screenings of NT Live’s Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch. If you have not yet gotten a ticket (and assuming there are still tickets available), we highly recommend that you find time to see this production! It’s nearly four hours of Benedict Cumberbatch. In minutes, that’s almost a full season of Sherlock.

We are truly excited this week to also be bringing Hamlet directly to high school students. We have another screening at a local high school where hundreds of teens will be seeing this world class show. We love bringing theatre to young audiences!

Finally this week, if you’ve been reading about our weekly exploits, you know that we almost never rest at Third Rail! We closed The Realistic Joneses last weekend and production meetings are already in progress for our next Main Stage show, Mr. Kolpert. This Sunday, the rough drawings for the set and costumes are due. The design process is well under way and rehearsals are not that far behind! And the beat goes on…