Articles about 2016

December 28, 2015 – January 3, 2016

There are three big events this week at Third Rail!

On December 29th, it’s the first read of Mr. Kolpert! First read is possibly the most exciting night of a production (except for opening, of course). We get our first looks at the design of the show and our first chance to hear the script out loud. It’s inevitably a fun, energizing night – and is open and free to our Members!

Then, on January 3rd, our weekly company meeting will be our Quarterly Check-in. We’ll look back at how these past months have gone and how we can continue to improve and grow moving forward.

Sandwiched in between, on January 1st, will be the premiere of humanity’s next big project: the year 2016. Get your tickets soon, so far we have about 7.3 billion reservations. Space is getting tight!

Everyone have a healthy and happy New Year!

Summer-in-the-Winter Announcement

On January 4th, we kick off the new year with thrilling news! We’ve got new Third Rail Main Stage productions to share with you! Exciting, bold, and electric plays are on the horizon and we get to tell you about them (and more) at a wonderful event with food, drinks, laughter, and a whole lot of fun!

More details coming soon, but you don’t need to wait for more details. You can get it in your calendar right now! 6:30pm on January 4th, you can warm up your Winter with a little Summer and find out about what the hotter months have in store for our Main Stage.

See you at our Summer-in-the-Winter Announcement party!