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PETE: All Well – A Brief History

Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE) is an artist cooperative dedicated to creating new theatrical events that reify the relationship between audience and artist. They develop original, ensemble-generated pieces and produce innovative interpretations of classical text. PETE founders include Third Rail Company Member Rebecca Lingafelter and Cristi Miles, last seen with us in Midsummer (a play with songs). Third Rail Company Member Mark Valadez also works as PETE’s resident sound designer. So, it is a natural fit to present a production by PETE as our second Wild Card presentation!

PETE believes in the power of consensus, collaboration, and ensemble in the act of making theatre, something that links them organically to Third Rail. While each of their productions is unique, they are marked by an interest in rigor, physical storytelling and notions of psychological surrealism. Past productions include R3, the highly-acclaimed re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Richard III and The Three Sisters, which featured Third Rail Company Members Isaac Lamb and Michael O’Connell.

We are excited to host and experience PETE’s newest piece – All Well, a sound-installation that will envelop audiences in the pitch black of an icebound ship, midwinter. All Well will travel through the hidden spaces of the Imago Theatre, on a journey inspired by the doomed Franklin Expedition of 1845-48. Directed by Jacob Coleman and featuring an immersive soundscape by Mark Valadez, All Well will submerge audiences in the darkness of the lost explorer, far from home. Each performance will be limited to 25 audience members, each of whom will experience the piece from the comfort of their own hammock. All Well is conceived and created by PETE’s core ensemble of performers and designers: Jenny Ampersand, Robert Quillen Camp, Jacob Coleman, Miranda K. Hardy, Peter Ksander, Rebecca Lingafelter, Paige McKinney, Cristi Miles, Mark Valadez and Amber Whitehall.

Tickets are available now!
October 27, 2015 – November 1, 2015
Tue-Thu at 10, 10:30 | Fri & Sat at 10, 10:30, 11 | Sun at 8:30, 9,9:30, 10