Home/Place with Sue How

Home/Place is a Company Innovation project conceived by Jennifer Lin, designed to create a collaborative dialogue between artists and audience. The project began with an invitation for members of the community to submit images and text in response to three prompts: The home I was born to, The road I traveled, and The home I made. We are sharing these submissions, the foundational components of the project, as Home/Place continues into the next phase of development.

This submission is from Member Sue How.

Made me happy searching. I could send hundreds. 🤗

Came home to this house in Edinburgh when I was born and left to go to college 19 years later.

Christmas Eve 1963. Could hardly sleep in those days we were so excited. 🎄

I grew up in Scotland and spent many summers on the west coast.  Was visiting years later when I came upon this site. It took me back.

Pitlochry is where my mother lives…not this shed though. 😜

Her name was Aiko.  Loved that dog.

I visited with my mother last year when she came out to visit for her 90th birthday. Every rose in the garden was perfect. I have never seen it like that before or since (and I was just there. 🌹🌹)