Loose In London 2018

The Loose In London Tour is a beloved Third Rail tradition. Many participants return year after year to enjoy culture, conversation and community in this remarkable, historic city. Check out what this year’s Loose-In-Londoners have to say about the experience:




“I love seeing theatre with other people who love it as much as I do, for whom playgoing is truly a passion. I certainly have made some new friends in the three years I have been coming to London with Third Rail.”

“Rather than leaving the theater to muse about it at home, we both loved the chance to discuss with people (with nibbles and wine) about the themes and characters with 18 like-minded people at our fabulous hotel.”

“I learn more about theater by hearing my fellow travelers talk about what they think of what we’ve seen. And from listening to Scott and Maureen, of course. The more I see, the more I want to see!”

“Over the last 5 [Loose In London] trips, I have gotten to know some exceptional, smart and wonderful people.  We see each other afterwards at other events around town. We are all members of the same special community.”



“London theatre is exciting. Audiences are younger than in Portland and London offerings are more diverse. Scott sends out advance notes on the histories of the various theatres we visit, the plays we will see, and the careers of the directors who bring the work to life. In this way Loose in London is so much more than seeing plays: it’s a weeklong course on London theatre heritage.”

“The exceptional thing about this theater trip is the amount of free time to explore other things while simultaneously having great theater curated for us.  The theater highpoint for me was seeing the just-then Olivier-anointed play, The Ferryman. Getting to share a dinner table with the director of the latest David Hare play was also memorable.”

“Watching THE FERRYMAN just 24 hours after it was awarded the Olivier for best new play of the year [was a favorite moment]. This is a shiveringly good play!”



“…the camaraderie of the shared experience of seeing the same plays, even if we don’t agree—and we never all agree on anything. But that’s what makes art wonderful—it’s an individual experience that you can have with others, but it always belongs to you. e.e cummings says, “It’s always ourselves that we find in the sea,” but it’s true about theatre as well.”

“The people who choose to go on this tour are always special, the experienced curation of the play choices is special, the leadership is special, the generous allotment of free time is special, the hotel location is special, London theater itself is special, London museums are special, the wide range of non-theatre activities is special—all combine to make a very, very special trip.”