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What’s a Bloody Sunday?

A tremendous amount of work and consideration goes into the curating of our main stage shows. It is a complex process with many moving parts and at Third Rail it is a collective effort. One of the primary considerations is, of course, if it lights a fire in us. Does it get us talking? Curious? Debating? When a play comes across our collective desks and grabs our attention enough that we would consider producing it, the next step is to get together and read the show aloud. Scripts are wonderful to read, but those words are written to be spoken. Reading the play out loud brings it to life, opens up the story, unleashes the language and reveals the themes. At that point we can dig deep into why it is (or isn’t) a Third Rail play.

As we throw the doors open wide with our Membership Program we invite Members to join us monthly for this process; sit in on readings of plays we are considering. We’re calling them Bloody Sunday Readings because if we don’t like the show, whoever suggested it loses a finger. Just kidding. It is more likely called that because you will be able to listen to the show while nibbling snacks and sipping a Bloody Mary (or some other appropriate morning beverage). This is one of the more exciting ways that we are opening up our process and inviting deeper conversation with our audience. Bloody Sunday Readings are for Members only! So, please consider becoming a Member!

Our inaugural Bloody Sunday is at 10:00 AM on August 23rd at Imago Theatre! Will you join us? We think the idea of a Sunday morning hanging out with you, our Members, hearing plays, talking about theatre, and drinking before noon sounds pretty darn good. Call the box office at (503-235-1101) and let us know you are coming so we can make sure to have enough chairs, danishes and drinks.