Andrea Vernae Makes Her Third Rail Debut



We are thrilled to welcome Andrea Vernae to the ensemble of Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. opening May 25th, 2018.

Andrea is excited to be part of the revolution that is taking place at Third Rail. She was last seen revolting in An Octoroon at Artists Repertory Theatre and leading the revolution in Portland Playhouse’s Pen/Man/Ship. And the revolution won’t be televised, but will soon be recognized, with her work as Managing Director at Confrontation Theatre.


Q & A with Andrea Vernae


TR: Do you have a story of a small (or large) act of revolt you’ve participated in? 


AV: Everyday I find ways to revolt or combat something. Whether it be defending myself or someone else or standing up firmly for something I believe in. I fight to revolt everyday against my mind constantly telling me I’m not good enough and each day I fight back and say “no you’re wrong “ makes me a revolutionary.


TR: What excites you about Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.?


AV: What excites me most about Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. is that I get to REVOLT! While also being big, bold, colorful, loud ,brave, fearless and unapologetically myself. And that I get to collaborate with a group of storytellers that are ready to do the same.


TR: What are some titles, identities or names that you claim with pride?

AV: The titles I’m most proud of are Black Woman, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Storyteller, Mover, Thinker, Game changer, Creative, Poet, Boss and most importantly my name! Andrea Vernae Whittle is my full name and I am extremely proud of it. It not only represents me but it also represents my family. I am named after my father Andre and my middle name is my mother Stephanie’s middle name and the two of them combined created the woman I am today. So that is why I will continue to always be unapologetic in being extremely particular about my name and how it is pronounced.


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