Alex Ramirez de Cruz Makes Her Third Rail Debut



We are thrilled to welcome Alex Ramirez de Cruz to the ensemble of Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. opening May 25th, 2018.

Alex is originally from Ventura, California but has settled in Portland as an area actor, deviser and theatre-maker. Favorite credits include: An Octoroon (Artists Repertory Theatre), 26 Miles (Profile Theatre), The Oregon Trail (Portland Center Stage), db (COHO Theatre)Passion Play (Shaking The Tree & Profile Theatre), Dance For a Dollar, (Miracle Theatre), and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Portland Playhouse)She is dedicated to creating original devised theatre and is a proud member of String House, an independent producing title and new works laboratory, nominated for two Drammy Awards for “Best Devised Production.” When not onstage Alex is inspired by the impact theatre has on Portland’s youth and is proud to work as a performer with Portland Center Stage’s touring education program, All is Fair in Love and Shakespeare. She would like to thank her incredible wife for all her love and support! Now, LET’S REVOLT!


Q & A with Alex Ramirez de Cruz 


TR: Do you have a story of a small (or large) act of revolt you’ve participated in? 


AR: I think one of the integral acts of revolt in my life was shaving my head in college. It was a small gesture, but the first in a long series of reclaiming my body and learning how to advocate for myself as a woman, a lesbian, and a mixed person of color. Shaving my head allowed me to escape theatrical “types”, beauty standards, and cultural expectations that were placed on me and I was able to wipe the slate clean. There have been few moments in my life where I have felt so free. In learning how to fight for myself, I began to find my power, and that has made me better able to advocate for others.


TR: When have you felt part of a revolution?


AR: NOW! I have never been [more] politically engaged than these past few years. I am enraged, afraid, unapologetic, hopeful, fragile and I am using all that to fight for change. The time is ripe to Resist. Revolt. And Revolutionize. Minority voices that have long been silenced are rising up to demand change and I am among them and with them. I am continually working to acknowledge my privilege so I can clearly see the change that needs to happen within me and around me, raise others’ voices, and listen deeply to others’ experiences that are different from my own. I firmly believe that it matters where we put our time, resources, bodies and voices in this moment. The revolution is amongst us, so rise up and REVOLT!


TR: What are some titles, identities or names that you claim with pride?

AR: Lesbian, gay, latinx, mexican-american, woman, actor, artist, introvert, BADASS.


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