August 5, 2016 - August 27, 2016

Imago Theatre - 17 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Twenty years ago Emma walked out on Ulysses in the middle of the night, taking their young son with her. That’s given Ulysses two decades to write his magnum opus, perfect his naked cooking techniques, and move into a dingy trailer with a phone-eating dog. But when Emma hears that he’s also battling for his life, she returns to hash out the best and worst of their marriage, and the mysterious circumstances of the night she left. Annapurna is a hilarious, heartbreaking look at the enormous power of forgiveness.


The lighting crew on this show is incredible, as is the design team. The mountainscape on the walls surrounding the trailer creates an intimacy between the characters onstage and the audience. We are in that trailer with Emma and Ulysses.

Portland Mercury

Though Bruce Burkhartsmeier’s Ulysses is difficult to forgive at times, the actor himself is nearly faultless. His chemistry with Trumbo is so apparent through dialogue alone that the audience doesn’t even need, or want, a kiss.

Willamette Week


  • Writer Sharr White
  • Director Isaac Lamb
  • Stage Manager Kristen Mun
  • Lighting Designer Jennifer LIn
  • Sound Designer Mark Valadez
  • Scenic Designer and Props Master Kaye Blankenship
  • Costume Designer Jenny Ampersand


  • Emma Karen Trumbo
  • Ulysses Bruce Burkhartsmeier