Nobody Here But Us Chickens

April 25, 2008 - May 24, 2008

Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center - 5340 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

These three short plays look at disabilities and our perceptions of them with stunning language, delirious physicality, and raucous humor. Nobody Here But Us Chickens promises to be an audacious comedy about the triumph of will over circumstance.


Peter Barnes’ audacious play, three one-acts about people with mental and physical disabilities, comes with some subversively original thinking about human frailty. The result is a cast of characters that are precisely as imperfect as the rest of us, and that makes it OK to laugh. Hard. An outrageous gag involving students in a martial arts class could be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in the theater or anywhere else. Third Rail Repertory Company loves this kind of irreverent, highly physical comedy, and nobody does it better.

Portland Tribune

Third Rail consistently aims high and nearly as consistently succeeds; they are a polished, talented ensemble that doesn’t shy from difficult material…The cast rises admirably to the challenges posed by the scripts.

Portland Mercury


  • Writer Peter Barnes
  • Director Scott Yarbrough
  • Stage Manager Claire Callaway
  • Choreographer Philip Cuomo
  • Dialect Coach Stephanie Gaslin
  • Scenic Designer Curt Enderle
  • Lighting Designer Don Crossley
  • Prop Designer Drew Danhorn
  • Sound Designer Jen Raynak
  • Dramaturg Karin Magaldi


  • Allsop Michael O'Connell
  • Hern / Berridge Damon Kupper
  • Hills Philip Cuomo
  • Powell / Sefton John Steinkamp
  • Carver Valerie Stevens
  • Judith Maureen Porter