May 8, 2009 - May 31, 2009

World Trade Center - 121 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97204

Teddy’s life has lost all meaning, and his wife has lost all patience. But when Arthur (one part Liberace, one part Casanova, one part George Plimpton, and possibly one little bitty part Michael Jackson) arrives in the middle of the night, Teddy might just give everything to return to a life of boredom. A feel-good, heartfelt, life-affirming production from Third Rail.


Valerie Stevens is one of the most fearless performers in Portland, and here she flings herself into the comedic stratosphere with nary a thought for a safety net. Stevens and Tim True are as good as local actors get, and it’s a genuine pleasure to watch them inhabit and humanize characters that, in less capable hands, could have quickly dissipated into caricature.

Portland Mercury


  • Writer John Kolvenbach
  • Director Scott Yarbrough


  • Teddy Philip Cuomo
  • Kate Stephanie Gaslin
  • Arthur Tim True
  • Samantha Valerie Stevens