The Gray Sisters

April 30, 2010 - May 23, 2010

World Trade Center - 121 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97204

After seeing Third Rail’s award-winning production of his play Grace, Craig Wright offered to pen a script specifically for Third Rail’s luminous actresses. In The Gray Sisters, four sisters unravel their family’s history, and in the process grapple with questions of love, loyalty, faith, and fate.


For all the power in what writers, actors and designers show us and tell us, the real magic often is in what they invite, or at times compel, us to see for ourselves…Seldom will you find such open space used as boldly – or as extensively – as in The Gray Sisters, the gripping drama by Craig Wright given its world premiere Friday by Third Rail Repertory Theatre…Yet its austerity is remarkably potent, creating a synergy between the stark yet vivid performances we see and all that we’re left to fill in around them.

The Oregonian

The brutal honesty with which Third Rail’s performers handle their material makes for some truly rattling, gut-punching scenes.

Portland Mercury


  • Writer Craig Wright
  • Director Scott Yarbrough
  • Stage Manager Clair Callaway
  • Composer Ashia Grzesik
  • Scenie Designer Curt Enderle
  • Costume Designer Emily Horton
  • Lighting Designer Don Crossley
  • Sound Designer Jen Raynak
  • Props Master Drew Danhorn


  • Sarah Stephanie Gaslin
  • Pam Maureen Porter
  • Anya Valerie Stevens
  • Dina Gretchen Corbett