Supporting Third Rail


What happens when you donate to Third Rail? Quite a lot! By donating to Third Rail, your generosity helps create shared space, supports the exploration of complex ideas, and makes room for dialogue, impact, and empathy. Thank you.

Here are some of Third Rail’s primary goals that you make attainable:

  • Create artistically demanding programming with consistent excellence, including Main Stage plays and opportunities for dialogue and shared community experience.
  • Present salon-style readings and discussions between Third Rail Members and artists.
  • Support our season where 50% of main stage plays are written by women, over 50% directed by women; over 50% of acting contracts are held by women and 50% of contracts are held by actors of color.
  • Bring highly skilled and compelling performances to bear on innovative works with something relevant and provocative to say.
  • Explore creative risk-taking approaches to acting, directing, and design to illuminate relevant themes and audience impact.
  • Increase access and reach of younger audiences to Third Rail programming.
  • Create an authentic foundation for building diversity within the company at all levels, including staff and board.
  • Improve data collection of audience demographics, and create a benchmark for improving outreach to a more diverse audience.
  • Support 81 artists who will be engaged in main stage productions and invited into assessment and evaluation of the creative, artistic, and personal experiences they have at Third Rail.
  • Engage at least 10,000 community members across all Third Rail programming.
  • Facilitate 64 post-show dialogues initiating and inspiring critical thinking and community-building opportunities.