Woman Crush Wednesday: Annie Smith Peck

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Our next show, Men On Boats, capsizes the white male conquest narrative and features ten extraordinary women in the roles of John Wesley Powell and his intrepid crew. In honor of this gleeful gender-bend, we’re launching this #womancrushwednesday series, featuring adventurers from past and present. Check back every Wednesday to learn about these badass women!

This week’s badass woman is Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935). Peck was an American mountaineer and suffragist, who broke records as the first woman to scale HuascarĂ¡n in Peru, a peak over 6700m tall. Like many women before and since, Peck’s accomplishments were overshadowed by controversy over her attire; her climbing tunics and trousers sparked heated public debate in 1895. Peck was the author of several books about South America and was a founding member of the American Alpine Club.

“My home is where my trunk is.”
–Annie Smith Peck

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