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Amy Driesler Makes Her Third Rail Debut



We are thrilled to welcome Amy Driesler as Dunn in Men On Boatsopening March 2nd, 2018.

Amy recently moved to Portland from New York, where she is a regular member of the critically acclaimed The Queen’s Company. Recent credits include: Nut in Orange Julius (staged reading Profile Theatre), Lucentio in Taming of the Shrew (The Queen’s Company), Hal/Hotspur in Henry Four (Circo de Nada) and Cassius in Julius Caesar (Harlem Shakespeare Festival). She co-stars in several award-winning short films including Hens and Chicks and Elliot King is Third directed by Rose Troche (The L Word).



Q & A with Amy Dreisler 

TR: What excites you about Men On Boats?
AD: I’m excited to be a part of this adventure with nine female actors, a mostly female design team, a female director and female assistant director. The future is female!


TR: What are some of your favorite places to go adventuring in Oregon?
AD: I’m new to Oregon so haven’t had tons of time to go adventuring here yet, but we’ve made it to the coast a couple of times, which is breathtaking, and hiking/sightseeing along the Columbia River gorge. The view is truly spectacular.


TR: What has been the greatest adventure of your life so far?
AD: My girlfriend and I spent a week in Iceland a few years ago. I am fascinated by cold remote places. It is such a beautiful country: rocky, rugged, ever evolving with active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and the sea. We saw the Northern lights and even on a cloudy night they are other worldly. We got muddy and sea sprayed. We got almost as far north as the Arctic Circle. I learned some Icelandic. It was an amazing adventure!


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