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Mr. Kolpet First Read

On Tuesday, December 29th, we finally had our first read of Mr. Kolpert! We are extremely excited to finally get into the rehearsal room!

The reading was well attended with a mix of Members, Mentees, and Company Members. Food and beverages were heartily enjoyed as the dramaturgs and designers shared information from each of their perspectives, which was inspiring and gave everyone present excellent framework to embrace the play imaginatively. Whenever we hear a play out loud, we cannot help but begin to imagine how it might translate to the stage. Hearing the thoughts and plans of the designers help us to all imagine the show in the same world as we listen!

Then, after a brief break, the beautiful and passionate cast took to the tables for a read of the play. We were tickled and titillated, and there is clearly great anticipation to see the project come to fruition! Mr. Kolpert has been kicking around the company since before our first production…so it’s only been 10 years in the making. With this team and this script, it promises to be a memorable night!

Mr. Kolpert Cast and Creative Team

You’ve waited long enough! Time to unveil the creative team that will bring you the unique world of Mr. Kolpert!

First, let’s meet the director. You know him, you love him, you’ve seen his masterful work – Mr. Kolpert is being helmed by our own Artistic Director Scott Yarbrough. He will be assisted by a member of this year’s Mentership company, Alan Cline. This is just one of the many ways that our Mentorship company members have an opportunity to both learn and actively contribute to Third Rail!

The Team:
Dialect Coach: Company Member Stephanie Gaslin, who has performed on stage and has coached our dialects countless times.

Lighting Designer:
Company Member Jennifer Lin, who is not only a lighting designer, but also quite recently – a new mother!

Production Manager:
Company Member Kristeen Willis Crosser, who excels at essentially all of the jobs that are needed to make a show happen.

Costume Designer:
Emily Horton, who we are happy to have designing for us again, after numerous shows, such as Static and Noises Off.

Brian Myers and Ellen Walkley, who have each worked on shows over the past couple of seasons, but joyfully join forces to try to untangle the complex Mr. Kolpert.

Props Master:
Charlotte Wallis, who we thankfully met as part of the Stage Crew on The Realistic Joneses and now we’re never letting her go!

Scenic Designer: Larry Larsen, who has designed sets all over town, including Third Rail’s A Bright New Boise.

Stage Manager:
Kelly Cullom, who is a widely experienced Stage Manager and recently directed Theatre Vertigo’s The Drunken City.

The Cast:
Company Member Stephanie Gaslin (Edith), who you may remember as our Dialect Coach from earlier in this blog post. It has been a few years and we are thrilled to have her back on our stage.

Company Member Rolland Walsh (Ralf), who has performed with us many times, most recently in Static and The Night Alive.

Leif Norby
(Bastian), who we welcome back with open arms after his roles with us in The Mystery of Irma Vep and his Drammy-winning turn in Grace.

Kelly Godell
(Sarah), who is becoming a familiar face at Third Rail after her roles in Static and Noises Off.

Chip Sherman (The Pizza Man) who makes his Third Rail debut with Mr. Kolpert!

This is a fantastic team tackling a wild, darkly funny play. We cannot wait to show you their creation!

The Realistic Joneses First Read

As Or, prepares to open this Friday, our Members joined us for our first read of The Realistic Joneses. This was the second opportunity for Third Rail Members to be a part of the production experience from the very beginning.

We were introduced to the project by Third Rail Artistic Director, Scott Yarbrough, who explained how we’ve come to produce our second play by the brilliant Middletown playwright, Will Eno. Yarbrough will be involved in this production as a kind of Tom Hagen figure (consigliere) to the Don (director) a la The Godfather – his words (more or less). The Don, in this case, is Third Rail Company Member Rebecca Lingafelter. While Lingafelter has been seen several times on the Third Rail stage, this marks her first time as a Third Rail director.

The night progressed with beautiful and evocative design presentations from the creative team. It is a rare privilege to witness these creative minds transform words on a page to a vivid physical universe. Finally, we were treated to a reading of the play by the cast: Michael O’Connell, Dana Green, Darius Pierce, and Kerry Ryan. It is at once a touching, hilarious and deeply human play sure to be a must see this Fall. Watch this space to follow this production’s development over the next month, and be sure to book your tickets! Performances begin October 23rd and run through November 14th.

Or, First Read

Scott Yarbrough

A great group of Third Rail Members joined the cast, designers, and production team at the first-read for Or, on Monday night. Historically, our first-reads have only been open to Third Rail Core Company and members of the board, but with our new Membership model, we’re cultivating a deeper relationship with our patrons by including Members in the process of page-to-stage… and we’re so frickin’ excited!

We all gathered to hear our director (Core Company Member Philip Cuomo) speak about his vision for the show, and to listen (and watch) design presentations by an impressive design team. After snacks and beers, we regrouped to hear the actors read the play, together, for the very first time.

Or, is set in the 1660s (or is it the 1960s?), and is based on an imagined meeting between the (very real) Aphra Behn, England’s first professional playwright, the (also very real) Nell Gwyn, a famous Restoration actress, the (real) William Scot, an English spy in the Second Anglo-Dutch War, and the (yes, THE) Charles II, King of England. It’s funny, beautiful and it bends sexuality and gender and time with bawdy glee. We couldn’t be more excited to be opening our season with this show.

Want a run-down of the team? Check out our post on the cast and creative team. Would you like to attend one of our production’s first-reads? We would love for you to join us! Read this to learn more about becoming a Member of Third Rail.

Brian Myers

Third Rail Moves to Imago Theatre

As some of you know, Third Rail is moving to Imago, and let me just say: I am PREPARED. Must be something in the water: in the last month, I’ve moved myself into a new apartment, I helped my best friend up move to Seattle, and, former mentee and fellow company member Kaye Blankenship is moving out to New York City. Kaye will be driving herself, her dog, and all her worldly treasures due east at the exact time that we will be packing up our office. Needless to say, we’ve got plenty of boxes, and my biceps are growing at an alarming rate.

In the past three years our office and rehearsal space has been in one location, we’ve performed at the Winningstad and at CoHo, and we’ve presented National Theatre Live at the World Trade Center. All of these places have served us well in different ways – our office space was expansive, the Winnie allowed us to do bigger productions than ever before (did you see Noises Off??), the CoHo provided a venue in which to get intimate, and the WTC has been a venue, right in the heart of Portland, where we all can gather to watch world-class theatre together.

Unfortunately, that sprawl has its downsides, too. For a small, artist-driven organization such as ourselves, these multiple venues with disparate systems for rental agreements, financial reconciliations, and logistics, spread our resources thin. We are so thrilled to be moving all our operations to one location – Imago Theater. It’s almost hard to conceive of how nice it will be to rehearse in the same building that we perform in!

Within the next three years, our goal is to have a home of our very own. When we as a company talk about what it would mean to own our own space, the room fills up with possibilities – Isaac wants to have a little oaky gastropub as part of our building, we’ve talked about having the ability to host other companies – we want to create not just a theatre, but a cultural epicenter, a dynamic artistic home. Good venues are scarce in this city, currently, and it would be a dream come true to build a new one, and create a home not just for ourselves but for other artists who inspire us. What if we were home to a dance company? What if we had an art gallery?

In the meantime, the folks at Imago have generously offered Third Rail an interim residency that allows us to pull all our operations under one roof, leaving time to plan wisely for the future. I’m so excited about what will come out of the collaboration between these two longstanding organizations working in partnership.

So this week, I’m rolling my sleeves up. I’m getting ready to sweat. I’m preparing to sip a mojito while watching Scott Yarbrough build some walls. Third Rail isn’t just a company that puts on plays– we’re a group of individuals who can make anything happen when we put our minds to it. We’re all in, and we’re all hands on deck.

– Jory Bowers, Third Rail Company Member

Third Rail: Loose in London Returns

March 8-15, 2015
We're heading back to Theatreland and we want you with us!

Our annual Third Rail: Loose In London Tour has quickly become one of our most successful and popular programs, and we’re pleased to announce dates and registration for our 2015 excursion. If history is any  indication, this trip will fill up very quickly and, as always, space will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants in order to make the trip as intimate and personal an experience as possible.

The tour is catered toward the restless “theatre junkies” out there (you know who you are); the ones who need a fix of new plays, major revivals, performances that make you sweaty and nervous (in all the best ways), and experiences to make your heart pound and your breath quicken. We’re ready to be your theatre pusher, your peddler, your candy man. We’ll finalize the details of the itinerary in December, but to whet your appetite, here’s a little taste of what we’re considering:

The World Premiere of David Hare‘s newest play; a controversial new collaboration by the Royal Court and Headlong; the newest offering at the Donmar Warehouse; and performances by James McAvoy, Rufus Sewell, and a host of other heavy hitters of the British stage.

No matter the plays, you can rest assured we’ll line up a wide variety of experiences that will give you plenty to enjoy and even more to talk about.

Remember: space is limited to the first 20 patrons; so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join Artistic Director Scott Yarbrough and Company Member Maureen Porter for this one-of-a-kind


Registration Deadline: December 30, 2014

For travel information contact Gregg Macy at 503-451-3281

For information about plays and itinerary contact Scott Yarbrough at